The Units shall be configured and arranged as detailed on the drawings and in accordance with the schedule of equipment. Units have a patented ‘Floating Fan’ technology incorporating an inner casing which is held inside an outer casing by AV mounts, ensuring any vibration is isolated. This technology eliminates the requirement for additional AV mounts.

The Extended length case Type ‘A’ shall be acoustically lined and manufactured from heavy gauge, corrosion resistant aluzinc and tested to leakage class ‘L2’.The unit will be manufactured to provide a low height solution to enable it to be located in low depth ceiling and floor voids. The units shall have a maximum depth of 233 / 300 / 345 / 370 / 410 / 455 /5 00mm (models DS1-7). For ease of installation the unit shall be supplied complete with 4 mounting brackets for inclusion into a drop rod mounting system.

Impellers shall be of high efficiency, performance and sound optimised backward curved design. The unit shall be fitted with ErP 2015 rated, low energy, high efficiency IP54 EC motorised fans providing low specific fan powers and stepless speed control without tonal noise generation. Fan/motor assemblies have sealed for life bearings with an anticipated working life of 70,000 hours (L10) and shall be suitable for single phase supply. Units are suitable for operation in ambient temperatures of up to 60ºC (unit sizes 1 – 5) and up to 40ºC (unit sizes 6 – 7).

The unit and ancillaries shall be of the DAVE Supply type as manufactured by Nuaire Ltd.


NOTE: High pressure versions are available for fan sizes 2 & 4 only.

  1. DAVE Range
  2. Extract fan
  3. Case size standard size (1-7)
  4. ES = Ecosmart control
  1. DAVE Range
  2. Extract fan
  3. Case size (1-7)
  4. H = High pressure fan (size 2 & 4 only)
  5. Case type: A=Extended
  6. ES = Ecosmart control
  1. DAVE Range
  2. Supply fan
  3. Case size (1-7)
  4. Case type: A=Extended
  5. L = LPHW Coil/ valve
    E = Electric Heater,
    N = No Heater
  6. ES = Ecosmart control

ErP OPTIMISED for 2016
ErP is an EU directive for the eco design of Energy Related Products

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